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Google Analytics Controls provide highly flexible and re-usable charting, grid, dropdown and custom treeselect controls based on the analytics data.

Google Analytics lets any user export the analytics data via the API. The controls are build on the standard .Net controls with utilisation of Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Google GData, MS Charts, Moq framework and NUnit. The power of MS Charts gives you a full control over the visual presentation of the data in design time, while the analytics data is only used to create the data series and points.

The MS Charting library can create a variety of graphs, few examples below:

Line Bar Line Bar Line Bar
Line Bar Line Bar

The graphs can also be populated dynamically using custom tree selects. These are custom tree-view controls populated by enums. They present every query option Google API offers and can be filtered by categories.

Tree Select

Furthermore, a simple repeater control is available to view the data.


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